19 May 2009

Spring Light!

I haven't been online much lately, mostly because of spring.
Spring cleaning in the house
Spring yard work
Spring clothes (washing & putting winter things away)
And more fun stuff.
It's been fun spending time outside until almost 8pm. I'll try to take some pictures so I have more to write about.
We are eagerly working through school so that we can finish up for the summer by June 12th. We began the school year late because we were waiting for materials and it was our first year with the cyber school. I don't want to push to get done earlier. I think it would be too stressful for both girls.
I am really excited that spring is here, we have alot of projects to do and I'm motivated to get to them all before it gets too hot here in the northeast.
Yesterday I talked to both of my sisters. I needed that. We don't live close to each other and I'm happy yesterday was the day I got to connect with them both.

05 May 2009

Pretty Banner

Thank you Klazane for making me such a pretty banner.
Thank you my sweet daughter ;)

04 May 2009

Laura Ingalls Wilder

We have been reading the Laura Ingalls-Wilder's books and have really been enjoying them. When I was a kid no one in my family liked watching the series on tv. The books are amazing to read with children.

02 May 2009

A lap afghan and a mini quilt for Fluffy

I started the white crocheted afghan back in October and hoped to finish it in 6 weeks. Now I know better... it took 6 months :) I can't wait to send it.... which will be very soon. The ity bitty quilt is for my daughter's stuffy, Fluffy. Lizzy is going to quilt it tomorrow after church so we can remove the safety pins. It'll be fun. :)
Here is an update on things: My diet is going well. It's a life change and I think things are going well. I was in a stall last time I blogged about the diet. That lasted about a week and a half. I needed to begin an exercise program and needed more fiber. Boy, those 2 make a big difference.
I began Phase II which is closer to normal eating. I am eating grains, but usually only whole wheat. I have weak moments where I indulge with the chocolate, but, I've gotten back on track each time.
I want to be more consistant with asking God for guidance in all I do (including eating and exercise) every morning.
There's no garden yet... I'll blog about that another time... I have about 3 weeks til I can plant those things that can't be planted til after the last possible frost... I have friends who are going to let me borrow their tiller, which is an amazing thing because they are expensive to rent. I am so thankful for this. I hope to get it soon. I'll let you know more when I get to start tilling :)


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