04 May 2009

Laura Ingalls Wilder

We have been reading the Laura Ingalls-Wilder's books and have really been enjoying them. When I was a kid no one in my family liked watching the series on tv. The books are amazing to read with children.


  1. We have been going through a Little House movie phase at our house. The boys enjoyed the movie even more when they realized it was the real story of Laura's life (the very first movie made). I had to laugh, and told them that if Laura had had a computer this would have been her blog:)

    PS~ I love the new photo on the blog! Did Klazane take it??

  2. Yesterday I found my set of Little House books in a box marked tidbits. In the box was my Girl Scout sash and my Grandpa's checkers along with other memories. I enjoyed the books and the series as a kid. It was a big rage when I was kid to have the bonnets. Too bad I didn't find that in the box. I would so be wearing it right now.

    Happy reading.

  3. When My oldest was very young this was her favorite program.As a Christmas present I made her gigham nighties with matching muffintop hat.She still talks about it today.


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