24 October 2008

Crocheted Washcloths

When I was making the above dish cloth, I was wondering if these yellows would look alright together. The center yellow is lemon yellow and didn't match what I had intended it for. I didn't want to let it sit because yellow is such a happy color. So I experimented with the variegated yellow I think it found its match.The 2 blue ones are with my favorite pattern. It is very simple and works well in the sink, the size is just right for a woman's hand. The pattern can be found on the inside of most cotton skeins of yarn.

22 October 2008

Quick Mosiac Frame Project for Boys and Girls

I just love finding a project for boys or girls and with supplies that we already have. I have craft supplies packed in all our storage areas around our house and still there are things stuck here and there around the house as well. My kids were excited to do this project today.
We used 1/2 of a piece of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock, then folded in half to get it to an invitation card size. I measured and cut a hole in one side as a frame. After she glued cut up pieces of construction paper on it we let it dry. That is what you see above. Tomorrow we will find a picture to put in it and glue the card shut with a ribbon hanger.

20 October 2008

Amazing Art Work

My girls submitted their art work today. The little one drew and then painted with water color. Her picture depicts a family of birds, some are being fed and others look on. She didn't have alot of time to work on it. She did an amazing job!

The next pretty picture was drawn by my oldest. I am very proud of you baby girl! Everytime I look at this I think about what that little girl must be thinking to have a little bird on her hand. I am proud of you, this is beautiful!

16 October 2008

Fall Decorating

Today we put up the fall wreath on the front door. It was made last year and has held up beautifully. The leaves are dried and we are surprised that the colors have not faded.
Two pumpkins sit on our porch but our photographer moved them to take their picture in the leaves. The pumpkins are from the pumpkin patch. A neighbor of ours has 5 children and they have 7 little pumpkins on their banister. Very cute!
We have hydrangeas drying in the garage. I cannot wait to make wreathes this year. A few of the hydrangeas are huge. I definately want to buy more plants for next year.

15 October 2008

Wherefore art thou, dishrag?

September 29, 2008

I've been busy doing small projects crocheting (dish) washcloths while my youngest works on her handwriting lesson. I see now that I should have blocked them before taking the picture. I figure that they aren't for sale and I wouldn't block it before I gave it away, he he.

My photographer is now getting credit for every picture she snaps or fixes. Did you notice? LOL

Above there are only 2 patterns. One is from the inside label of a cotton yarn and the other I bought at a craft store (AC Moore) on clearance. I think it is from the early 90's, it shows you how to crochet about 8 washcloths. I've tried about 4 and so far but only like the flower pattern above.

Cheese and Potato Shells

Cheese and Potato Shells

Box of large shells
3 pounds of potatoes
Velveeta Cheese
1 medium onion
butter for sauteing

My husband's family has been making these for years and they are so yummy. I didn't think I could make them, but my husband convinced me to try and I am so glad I did. They turned out really delicious! It is really easy to make too. They taste a little like a perogie but like homemade. My family has a variety of tastes, and so I am thinking of making a few with different things in them like roasted garlic and onion inside.

14 October 2008

Gifts for Sister

The girls and I have been working on gifts for my sister's 4oth birthday party.

My oldest daughter made her a pointy kitty. Thanks to WeeWonderfuls you can make your own too, she just asks that you do not sell them. I made her a quilted pot holder, and a few crocheted dishcloths.
For her party we made a few Sunflower decorations. To make the little sunflowers we used a Martha Stewart, Cosmos Craft Punch, punching out 4 from yellow tissue paper and 1 from yellow printer paper. (I found that this type of paper looks cleaner than construction paper.) When I stapled these 5 papers together I put the printer paper sandwiched in between the tissue paper. I then cut out green circles (printer paper) for the back of the sunflower where the ribbon is, and brown (craft foam) circles for the front. I found a cute leaf punch from Target a few years ago (for $1), that seemed perfect for the sunflower leaves which were glued with a hot glue gun. Be sure to have a bowl of water next to you when you work so that when you burn your fingers you can cool them immediately.

The big sunflower below the vase of sunflowers was made by my oldest daughter and she used brown craft foam and yellow tissue paper.

My youngest daughter wanted to make something for "Anty" as well. This would be a great summer project for kids. She cut out the letters by herself. This side says, "Sun," and the other side says "flower". We used a Popsicle stick to support the stem. We covered it with green paper afterwards. We also added a ribbon to hang it from.


August 13, 2008
Today I received a package from my dear sister, and used many of the contents to decorate the hallway. :) The beautiful white flowers at the top are from her, as well as the neat sea shell vial. The shabby chic necklace in the center was also from her. :)Near the end of the hallway are plates on the wall (also from my sis!) which have roses hanging in front of them that were in the package I received today. They're gorgeous, with beautiful little lace flowers on the back.♥
The hanging card is one that I've received from her as well, and the pink flower was made by my youngest daughter.

♥Thanks Sis!!!! ♥

Crocheted Washcloths

Do you know those old craft patterns for sale at your local craft store? I bought one earlier in the spring and found a treasure trove of beautiful patterns.
This was the first of many to come.

Crocheted Slippers

I crocheted these slippers last winter, and my oldest daughter crocheted the flowers. :)

I used a pattern from Red Heart (pdf) for the slippers and mypicot.com for the flowers, except we only did the first two layers of petals.


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