29 November 2008

Cards for parents Anniversary

This week my girls and I sat down and made homemade cards for my in-laws anniversary. The first on the left is Klazane's hand painted rose card. The second was made by my youngest (7) and the last one I made. My in-laws really enjoyed receiving the homemade cards. I think we will do this every year.

27 November 2008

Vintage Sewing Attachements

Vintage Sewing Attachments

Two months ago, we dug out an old box of attachments and, boy, did we find a treasure chest! We had gotten them with an old sewing machine at a yard sale a few years ago for only $3! contained many old contraptions that looked like they'd be as hard to figure out how to use as doing the work by hand. (Particularly the ruffler, which is the one farthest to the left in the above picture.)
We also had an old book that explained how to use each one, and dispite complex diagrams and long lists of parts and their functions, they were actually fairly simple to operate.
I am particularly excited about the four hemmers in the kit. I can't wait to easily sew hems with those handy little attachments. I did try out both the ruffler and the narrow hemmer, and was very pleased with the results.
The ruffler was especially fun to figure out, and I love how adjustable it is. It ruffle or plait, scantily or heavily, close together or far apart. And the Narrow Hemmer did a seam fabulously and easily.
Posted by Klazane--

26 November 2008

Finished Cap

Finished Cap

Last week Klazane finished the cap she was working on for her sister.
(Pattern found here.)
"I must say, I am so very glad I started running out of the yellow and was forced to add a large off-white stripe because I'm afraid otherwise it may have resembled a construction hat, and that isn't quite the look I was going for. :P"

Now on to the skirt! :]

25 November 2008

The "Wait" Shopper

When a new series first came out by Beverly Lewis, I was really thrilled and couldn't wait to get it, but I did not... and then forgot about. Yesterday while shopping I stopped in at Ollie's and there were the first three books for $4 a piece. They are usually around $11 a book. I was excited to spend $12 on 3 books instead of over $30.

I've been talking to a few friends who are "wait" shoppers and were saying that they also teach this to their children. "Wait" until it is on sale. This is a very new for me! I am excited about it and wanted to share it! It's pretty neat to buy something brand new for a third of the sale price.

How far back can you remember?

This was taken around the year 1970. I remember the doll house and sink, but not the other toys.
My youngest who is now 7 spends time playing like this; having a few things around the floor going from one thought to another playing for hours. There are days now that I spend time to play with or talk to both girls. That is something I am happy I am doing now. I love not working even though it is alot of work.
Much of my days are filled with teaching my youngest. I spend time with my oldest every afternoon while making lunch & dinner and sometimes after the youngest is in bed. This time with my girls is invaluable! I am grateful for the opportunity to be home. It's a small luxury few mothers get to enjoy, especially in today's economy.
In two more days we will celebrate Thanksgiving and here I wanted to give thanks to God for saving such a wretch.
I wanted to share a gorgeous prayer, puritin prayer.

Thy understanding is unsearchable and infinite,
Thy arm cannot be stayed,
Thy agency extends through limitless space,
All works hang on thy care,
With thee time is a present now.

Holy is thy wisdom, power, mercy, ways, works.
How can I stand before thee
with my numberless and aggravated offences?
I have often loved darkness,
observed lying vanities,
forsaken thy given mercies,
trampled underfoot thy beloved Son,
mocked thy providences,
flattered thee with my lips,
broken thy covenant.
It is of thy compassion that I am not consumed.

Lead me to repentance, and save me from despair;
Let me come to thee renouncing, condemning, loathing myself,
but hoping in the grace that flows even to the chief of sinners.
At the cross may I contemplate the evil of sin, and abhor it,
look on him whom I pierced,
as one slain for me, and by me.
May I never despise his death by fearing it's efficacy for my salvation.
And whatever cross I am required to bear,
let me see him carrying a heavier.
Teach me in health to think of sickness,
in the brightest hours to be ready for darkness;
in life prepare me for death.
Thus may my soul rest in thee, O immortal and transcendent one,
revealed as though art in the Person and work of thy Son,
the friend of sinners.

17 November 2008

Tips for Cooking in Cast Iron

Please see Rick & Kathy's Website Cooking In Cast Iron
They have alot of tips on taking care of cast iron and a great video if you'd rather watch tips. Below I have listed a few but check out the website when you get a chance to, it is really worth it.
1. Use your pans and use them a lot. If your pan has just been seasoned fresh (as opposed to factory pre-seasoned) or re-seasoned it will probably be a shade of brown, BUT it should be completely black within a year if it is used frequently. There's very little that cannot be cooked in cast iron. Rethink the kinds of pans you use. If you normally cook something in the oven on a cookie sheet, it might cook just as well in the skillet. On the stovetop, skillets can be used for much more than frying, but obviously, they're good for that, too. Breads and desserts cook well in cast iron skillets, too.
eep them handy, either on the stove top or in the oven when not in use.
Since cast iron distributes heat so well, under normal situations, you don't need to turn a stove burner above a "medium" heat. Always let the pan heat as the burner heats or let the pan heat in the oven as the oven heats. Don't put a cold pan on a hot surface or a hot pan in cold water. Either has the potential to crack or warp the pan.
4. Check out Rick & Kathy's website...

09 November 2008

2 New Wash Cloths for Washing Dishes

Patterns many times develop when you use variegated colored yarn. This one is my favorite pattern. I love this style wash clothes (for dishes) because they are the perfect size and thickness for my hand. They are also very easy and quick to make.

Gauge: Not important

Hook size: US G/6.00 mm

1. Ch22 loosely.

2. Row 1: Turn, hdc in 3rd chain from hook and then in each chain.

3. Rows 2 - 12: Turn and chain 2, hdc in each hdc.

4. Round 1: Change color if you wish and... Turn and chain 2 (this counts as 1 hdc), hdc 2 more times in corner and then hdc in each hdc except the corners get 3 hdc. On sides evenly crochet around 19 hdc. slst in second chain of beginning ch2.

5. Round 2: Chain 1 and single crochet in each hdc except sc 3 in corners. Slst in beginning ch 1. Tie off.

Key: sc= single crochet hdc= half double crochet slst= slip stitch

08 November 2008

A Homemade Spice Cake

This is a very simple Spice Cake from my trusty cookbook. I found the same recipe here. The topping is simply a glaze of powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk. Yum! This is great on a chilly day with coffee!

06 November 2008

Cast Iron Delight

I have exciting news! I won a cast iron skillet from Black Iron Dude. I am so excited. I found his website because I have 3 cast iron skillets that I would love to use regularly. I've had them for maybe 5 years and have used them maybe 3 times a year because I have never learned how to care for them properly.
After reading his blog and taking notes I seasoned my skillets again and started using them a lot. As you can see, I can finally make eggs in my medium sized pan and the pan is finally totally black! Check out those eggs and that black pan! Yay!!
You can see where I won the skillet here. If you have a cast iron skillet and don't use it, I hope you are inspired to take it out and start using it. Here is a delicious recipe for Apple Pancake. Do not make it in anything except cast iron or you may regret it :)
10" cast iron skillet
4 T Butter
1/4 c Brown Sugar
1 large Apple, cored & sliced 1/8"
5 large Eggs
1 c Flour
1 c Milk
1/2 t ground Cinnamon
Pinch of Salt
Confectioners sugar

Preheat oven to 400. In a 10" skillet, melt butter & 3 T brown sugar. Add apples, and cook 5 minutes, stir occasionally.

In med bowl, whisk eggs, flour, milk, cinnamon, salt, & remaining sugar. Pour batter slowly over cooked apple mixture. Transfer to oven til golden brown, set in center, and puffed around edges, about 15 minutes. Sprinkle with confectioners sugar and serve hot.

Cards for a resonable price

A friend from church gave me great advice on cards and it is too good to not pass along to you!
You can make 300 cards for under 10 cents a piece.
This is what you need from, yes, Walmart. If you don't like shopping there why not make a special trip there very, very early in the morning. You then will pretty much have the entire store to yourself.
In the office supply section buy a package of white card stock (150 sheets). I just bought some in August or September and it cost around $8. In that same section you should see "Invitation Envelopes" that are about 4 3/8" X 5 3/4". In our store they are under $5 for 50 envelopes.
After visiting the office supply section, go to the party/card section where they probably have scrapbooking supplies. Again if your Wal-mart is like most you will be able to buy a bundle pack of scrapbooking papers and cutouts for under $10, I just bought one for $7. In the case that you already have pretty papers and things at home, save some money and use what you have first.
How to:
1. Cut a 8 1/2" X 11" piece of card stock in half so that the 2 halves measures 5 1/2" X 8 1/2". Cut a few more, I'll explain later.
2. Fold the cards so that they are 5 1/2" X 4 1/4", use a teaspoon or a ruler to rub the fold flat.
3. Think of or borrow a design for the front of a cover and duplicate it for a few more cards. If you do a few each time you need a card, you will quickly accumulate a nice assortment.
There is 1 card above that was decorated by a 7 year old with foamy stickers. Kids LOVE making cards too, so this is a fun project for the family.
NOTES: The cosmos flower in the first/second picture is a cut out dye that I used for a sunflower project. The 3rd card was made from a $7 bundle pack that includes 40 patterned 12x12 papers and 437 cutouts. I use Elmers Glue for the cards because people do not usually keep cards for long. I added glitter to the name in the 3rd card as well.


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