26 April 2009

Another Jeannette who has daughters and a calico cat

I found a lady named Jeannette (that is my name) and she has a calico (as do I) and she is a Christian (as I am) and she has 2 daughters (as do I). What are the odds? And what are the odds that we find each other? I don't know, but I marvel at this.

I found a "mister linky"on a blog full of ladies who were showing off their quilts. One was named Jeannette, and so I clicked. Below and to the left is Molli, our cat. Molli is 8 1/2 years old, we got her when she was 8 weeks old. She is an indoor cat only and we love her dearly. She is a petite calico. We also have a rottweiler who is the same age. Molli plays with the dog and teases her often. Every single night when everyone goes to bed she sneaks up on the dog and scares her. The dog barks back at her alarmed... or maybe by now she expects it and puts on a show for me to laugh at when I am falling asleep.
And here is Phoebe, who is the other Jeannette's cat. I think Phoebe is still a kitten, isn't she cute?

20 April 2009

Cosco Kitchen Stool

I bought a bright yellow Cosco stool like this red one below at a garage sale for $3. (I borrowed this picture from Ebay.) With a can of white paint, a new cushion, and some pretty fabric, it has a new life in our house..

16 April 2009


We've been working on the yard lately and haven't been taking pictures. I'm sure I'll post something soon. We are putting redrock around our pool, a project I started last year.
I'm in a stall in my diet. I'm not too discouraged, it didn't take a month to get heavy so I know it'll take a while to lose it :) My oldest daughter (16) who is also dieting is looking awesome and I'm proud of her.
Not too many of my friends are posting either. I guess they too are enjoying the great weather :)

10 April 2009

Happy Easter

Today is Good Friday for Christians. I've been trying to write something here, but now I keep erasing what I wrote, I'm just not capturing what I want to say. So I hope you don't mind that I borrowed these thoughts on the Resurrection.

What do you think was the most significant event in human history? Unquestionably, the greatest event was the faint sound of a heartbeat in a cold and lifeless body in a tomb, two thousand years ago. The sound of blood rushing through the heart of Jesus of Nazareth was a sound that will thunder throughout eternity, because of its incredible implications.
The fact that God raised someone from the dead is not really significant. He raised the dead a number of times both in the Old and New Testaments. But this resurrection had enormous lawful repercussions. It was evidence that the Judge of the universe had acknowledged that the payment for our sins was acceptable. It was the key that unlocked the door to immortality for humanity.
Here's another question for you. What is the most precious substance in the universe? It was unquestionably the blood of Jesus Christ. Nothing else could redeem us from the just curse of God's Law. When eternal justice called for our blood, and Jesus gave His blood to atone for our crimes. We were not redeemed with silver and gold...but with the precious blood of Christ.
Many Jews had been crucified as criminals by the Roman cross. All suffered unspeakable pain. But this Jew's suffering was different because He was the Lamb of God, whose blood did not contain the taint of sin carried by the lineage of Adam. He was truly the Lamb of God.
These are wonderful biblical truths that Christians know and rejoice in. But, this Easter, millions of both Jews and Gentiles will celebrate biblical events that they don't fully understand. For one or two holy days they will give God thanks for His mercy and for the Passover lamb. Christians celebrate Easter and the resurrection of the Passover Lamb every day of the year.
May you have a blessed Easter.

02 April 2009

Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt is very easy to make and you probably already have everything you need. I've been looking though many tutorials and blogs on how to make yogurt. The reason I am recommending Michael Reep's website is because you'll find it's simple to follow and he tests things before he writes about them or he will say so. The website is simply: http://www.makeyourownyogurt.com/ :) The tutorial begins with What You'll Need.

I made my first batch with a little more than a quart of milk, I didn't have alot of confidence it would turn out well. I'm glad to say everyone likes it alot. I've flavored half with Strawberry flavoring and the other half with French Vanilla flavoring (and sugar). Three tablespoons are reserved for my next batch. We added a drop of red food coloring to strawberry yogurt, but of course this isn't necessary.

We used 4-oz glass canning jars with plasic Ball lids, but you can use anything to include gladware. As long as it has a lid.

At Pleasantville Schoolhouse, Anna cultured her yogurt by her wood stove instead of using a heating pad. She writes how she mades her yogurt here and adds how she thickens it with out adding powdered milk or other things at the end of her recipe. I may try culturing my yogurt in the crock pot next time, like she does when her wood stove isn't on: what a cool idea :)

Update: I made yogurt now 2 times (04Apr09). The second time the yogurt was cultured from the first batch and it turned out great.

I drained mine the way Anna does here, but I drained it over night and now have very, very thick yogurt... not the best. I couldn't use my crockpot to keep the yogurt warm, mine is too small, but the heating pad worked terrific.


Fluffy came to our house Dec 2008. He's really looking his age for a dollar store stuffy. Fluffy was given to my youngest from her teacher in 1st grade. It's funny when you see what toys your children keep as important.

01 April 2009

Let it air out

I have inherited a few 3-Arm Chrome Racks. I thought I had a treasured tool that has long gone by the wayside, but in finding the correct term to use here for my post I saw they are selling them at Kmart.Com for under $4.

A few years ago I started to crochet my own dishcloths I noticed that they take longer to dry and I needed a rack next to the sink for them. And so now, I have one in the kitchen for drying used dish cloths and one upstairs for the bath room wash cloths. When they dry really well before they are put in the laundry bin they do not smell. I've never learned how to get the funky smell out of the original dishcloths I made so they ended up in the garbage. If you find out how to get that musty smell out let me and Mub know, she posted about it here :)


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