18 June 2009

Down Under Tucker Bag

Next week we will be boarding the Boomerang Express and going down under to Australia, (aka vacation bible school) . We are trying to use things that we have at home in order to keep costs down. Klazane and I will be helping with Pre-K and K for the week. We will be giving the kids lil cards with scriptures on them. The teacher's kit came with a brown tucker bag and we could buy them for $1.24 a bag. I say no worries Mate, this is cheaper! I have a good bit of felt and yarn. We made about 45 of them and didn't need to buy anything.
The front of the pouch is 5" wide and 3.5" high in the center. The back & flap is 5" wide and 6.25" high.
1 piece of felt
33" of yarn

17 June 2009

E18 Code

What does E18 mean? It means your little girl dropped the camera face down with the lens extended. So, we are looking into the Canon Loyalty Program. We found it through fatwallet.com . I don't think Canon advertises this program. It is an upgrading program for refurbished cameras. Klazane has a nice camera, so in a pinch I could borrow hers and we also have our first Canon (2 mega pixels).

12 June 2009

Three Things Meme

I have stolen this meme from Kim.
…… places I’ve visited: Puerto Rico, OBX North Carolina, Indiana
.… cars I’ve owned: '64 Chevy Chevelle (that was a cool car!), '78 Impala, '95 Beretta (my husband's cool car from the 90's!)
.… foods I love: chocolate, brownies, mochas (see the theme?)
… jobs I’ve held: Mc Donalds, US Army Mailclerk, bank teller
… authors I love: T Davis Bunn, MacArthur, Beverly Lewis
… places I’ve lived: southeastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, northeastern Pennsylvania
… favorite hobbies: crocheting, sewing, Facebooking
… bones I’ve broken: zero
.… TV shows I watch: LOST, that is all I watch besides Fox news
… songs that make me turn up the volume: depends on my mood
… favorite drinks: WATER, tea, water
… fun board games: Parchessi, Yahtzee, hmmm Parchessi?
… stores I could spend a whole day in: Christmas Tree Shoppe, Williamsburg Pottery, The Crossings
… chores I put off as long as possible: bathroom, dishes, laundry
… chores I kind of like: cleaning the pool, cleaning out the garage, putting the kids to bed, I love that time :)
… things I would rather chew glass than do: argue, ask for donations (fundraisers), getting all huggy and kissy, I'm not usually a physically affectionate person, so if I hug you spontaniously then you know I am feeling the love, ha ha
… reasons I hate attending parties: I don't "party" unless you mean kid parties, and those I don't mind
… favorite dog breeds: Rottweilers, that is what we have, but will probably never get another because she has had many health issues, I'm more of a cat person anyway
… things I just don’t get: my daughter's math homework (calculus), God's mercy and the fact that he forgave me of all people
If you decide to do this, let me know, I'd love to read your answers!

07 June 2009

It's June

I remember sitting like this when I was little. It no longer looks very comfortable to me :)

Lizzy received a little book in the mail a week ago and wanted to fill in every page to show how excited she was to get a piece of mail.

It's beginning to feel like summer after 2 months in the 50 and 60s.

Grass in growing where we had work done in our yard. I'm actually excited about that, but then again it doesn't take much to get me excited.

One more week of school left for the girls... tomorrow we're going on a field trip to an amusement park :)


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