08 August 2009

Color of all things in the dining room and kitchen!

I have loved Shabby Chic for a many years thanks to my sister's help :) I didn't know how to add color again and quite liked adding colored accents without worring about it clashing with the walls and curtains in these 2 rooms. My oldest daughter (16) talked me into adding color after my husband ripped out the radiator heaters and we had to repaint all rooms. My oldest also took these pictures and drew the horse on the wall below before we covered it. You can check out her creativity here at Klazane. Everyone helped with the painting and the rooms turned out beautifully :)


  1. great color.

    Although I might have kept the horse on the wall. It's a very good horse.

  2. Thanks for the compliment; it brought a smile to my daughters face. :)

  3. I too loved the horse. Maybe you should think of adding her artwork to the next room. So glad to have you back.Hope your vacation was a good one.Just being away from the computer is sometimes a welcome break.

  4. The horse looks great, what a shame it was painted over.

    I agree, great color choice.


Thank you for your comments <3


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