12 August 2010

Vanity Chair Redo

This chair was picked up at a yard sale and was hunter green with a plastic brown seat cushion. Both the wooden seat base and the metal of the chair were in great shape which made this redo very easy.

For this project I used white spray paint, a piece of upolstry fabric, but any fabric would do because the chair is used lightly. I looked high and low for a good price on the cushion and ended up finding it at Wal-mart. I bought a package of 2 foam cushions, 15" x 17" x 1" for under $7. I've had the ribbon of beads so the make over cost was just for the foam cushion :)


  1. There is a lot of satisfaction in restoration. Often times lookling for new things, we realize how nice old things are.Cleaning, sanding painting, fresh cloth are such great skills to have. Nice job!

  2. very pretty and feminine. from your description it is much improved.

  3. Love the beads Adds a little fun to it.Hope to see more of your work


Thank you for your comments <3


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