01 April 2011

L C Smith Super-Speed Typewriter ---1937

Quote of the day:
Whatever I may have thought in the early days of the value of the typewriter, it is very obviously a blessing to mankind, and especially to womankind. I am very glad I had something to do with it. I builded wiser than I knew, and the world has the benefit of it.
--Christopher Sholes, c. 1875
The geek in me loves learning silly things like how the typewriter came about. This was actually a part of my daughter's History lesson today.

It was a Milwaukee newspaper publisher and politician turned inventor who solved the jamming problem that plagued previous typewriter models by having the carriage on his machine move one space to the left when a letter is typed. The inventor's name was Christopher Sholes, along with fellow inventor Carlos Glidden and their financial backer, James Densmore, who received a patent for the typewriter in 1868. Densmore then sells the rights to E. Remington and Sons, in the mid 1880's. Remington sound familiar? The largest maker of firearms at the time and maybe still to date.

So there you have it :) It's great to have a piece of history in my daughter's room. How else would she have know what she was reading today? Today everything that is typed gets printed from a printer. Our typewriter does not have a date. It just says that it is a L C Smith Super-Speed Typewriter and from some internet searches we found out its from around 1937.

There is alot more about it on Wikia. I just saw an old IBM Selectric which is what I used in the military. LOL Memory lane of typewriters. :)


  1. I love these old typewriters! What a great history lesson for your daughter :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog today. I'm so glad you like the flower ideas!


  2. I am hoping to stumble upon a vintage typewriter but so far no luck. Loved this post today!!

  3. My Mom's favorite typewritter. She could do over 100 words a minute on it. Faster than that and the keys start jamming. Gives you something to shoot for (misspelled words give you a -5).


Thank you for your comments <3


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