06 April 2012

Providential Dog Walk

The other night I was annoyed to be walking the dog because I thought it was my husband's job. Along the way a little boy of 10 was on his way home and a car was following him. He asked me to walk him home which I did. Pretty quickly my attitude changed. Will God use me when I feel inconvenienced? Would my attitude been different to begin with if I knew I was going to run into a little kid who needed help?

This got me thinking that our effect on others is monumental... can be monumental.God knows our every step and thought. (Proverbs 5:21a) My attitude should have been very different. Its hard to be kind and tenderhearted (Eph 4:32) when my heart isn't right. That night with the lil boy, it wasn't hard to be kind and tenderhearted b/c I clearly saw that he needed help. I don't always see that people around me need anything... I clearly see now. I hope this helps me to be content whether I'm walking the dog or doing something I think my boss shouldn't have asked me to do b/c "it's not my job". Sometimes it just is my job this time, so, why be upset about it, I need to be doing all things as unto the Lord. It's truly a small thing in comparison to what Jesus did for me in dying for my sins on the cross. I was reminded of this daily this week by thecatholic friends I work with had mass everyday leading up to Easter. It really blessed me to hear them explain why we should be grateful for Jesus did for us.


  1. We get in such a routine in our everyday lives that it is sometimes upsetting when some little thing rocks our world. It is great that you were reminded that you are here to serve and help others not just to do for you. Your story has now reminded me of the same.........thank you

  2. Such a great reminder! So good to see you back in "blogland" Jeanette:)))


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