01 April 2009

Let it air out

I have inherited a few 3-Arm Chrome Racks. I thought I had a treasured tool that has long gone by the wayside, but in finding the correct term to use here for my post I saw they are selling them at Kmart.Com for under $4.

A few years ago I started to crochet my own dishcloths I noticed that they take longer to dry and I needed a rack next to the sink for them. And so now, I have one in the kitchen for drying used dish cloths and one upstairs for the bath room wash cloths. When they dry really well before they are put in the laundry bin they do not smell. I've never learned how to get the funky smell out of the original dishcloths I made so they ended up in the garbage. If you find out how to get that musty smell out let me and Mub know, she posted about it here :)


  1. Yea, I know about the musty smell and use bleach to get it out but I would never want to bleach those pretty dishcloths that I see you have! So... I don't know...

    I have just started using some like this that my grandma made for me, so thanks for the tip about hanging them to dry first before putting them in the laundry. ... I'll try to remember... :o)

  2. Nice dishclothes,they don't look used to me.I use baking soda to clean my sink after I do the dishes and I have never noticed a musty smell.Could this be the reason??


Thank you for your comments <3


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