12 June 2009

Three Things Meme

I have stolen this meme from Kim.
…… places I’ve visited: Puerto Rico, OBX North Carolina, Indiana
.… cars I’ve owned: '64 Chevy Chevelle (that was a cool car!), '78 Impala, '95 Beretta (my husband's cool car from the 90's!)
.… foods I love: chocolate, brownies, mochas (see the theme?)
… jobs I’ve held: Mc Donalds, US Army Mailclerk, bank teller
… authors I love: T Davis Bunn, MacArthur, Beverly Lewis
… places I’ve lived: southeastern Pennsylvania, Virginia, northeastern Pennsylvania
… favorite hobbies: crocheting, sewing, Facebooking
… bones I’ve broken: zero
.… TV shows I watch: LOST, that is all I watch besides Fox news
… songs that make me turn up the volume: depends on my mood
… favorite drinks: WATER, tea, water
… fun board games: Parchessi, Yahtzee, hmmm Parchessi?
… stores I could spend a whole day in: Christmas Tree Shoppe, Williamsburg Pottery, The Crossings
… chores I put off as long as possible: bathroom, dishes, laundry
… chores I kind of like: cleaning the pool, cleaning out the garage, putting the kids to bed, I love that time :)
… things I would rather chew glass than do: argue, ask for donations (fundraisers), getting all huggy and kissy, I'm not usually a physically affectionate person, so if I hug you spontaniously then you know I am feeling the love, ha ha
… reasons I hate attending parties: I don't "party" unless you mean kid parties, and those I don't mind
… favorite dog breeds: Rottweilers, that is what we have, but will probably never get another because she has had many health issues, I'm more of a cat person anyway
… things I just don’t get: my daughter's math homework (calculus), God's mercy and the fact that he forgave me of all people
If you decide to do this, let me know, I'd love to read your answers!


  1. Oooh, I hate asking for donations too! I always feel like a mooch *L*

  2. What a great insight into who you are! I am not a touchy feely person either:)


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