10 July 2010


We planted Roma Tomatoes late this year, so we will have a late harvest.
Sunflower that came up from a rogue seed from last years harvest.
This is actually asparagus. I've had this plant for a few years too close to pine tree. A few weeks ago I transplanted it into the garden. It is doing well. There is actually an asparagus shoot on it but it is too small for a mouse :)
Corn and Watermelon. It is planted like this with the 3 Sister's Crop in mind. I am thinking we should waited til we bought some squash instead, b/c the watermelon will easily overtake the corn.
This is a yellow tomato that is still green.

It's been a long time since I have blogged. Thanks for taking a look over here :) I've had these garden pictures up for a few days before I had a chance to add words. Thanks for your comment "Hobbit". Great job trying to identifying the asparagus. The picture isn't that good or close for being able to see what it is.

Our garden is a little bit of square foot gardening and a little bit of "lets see what happens". 

We decided to get a soaker hose to add to our old soaker hose and it is working like a dream. It's been very hot and very dry, so the hose was a great thing in keeping the garden hydrated with out running out there a few times a day. 


  1. Do I see fennel or ias that dill?

  2. Your veggies look great. Mine are languishing a bit this year, except for my lemon tree. It keeps blooming and blooming.

    It's so hard to wait for the tomatoes to ripen, isn't it?


Thank you for your comments <3


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