20 December 2010

Our 2010 Tree

 We got a real tree this year which is a first in a long time. The last real tree was a hatchery for spiders, thousands of them. My girls are terrified of spiders so we went the artificial route for a many year.

A few days ago I was visiting a craft blog, I thought it was Living with Lindsay but can't find the post,  and was inspired by her inspiration of Pottery Barn's garland. I really liked the idea, so I decided to find a beautiful Christmas Hymn to use for our tree. I'll get another picture soon of the whole tree but wanted to share the idea. I used 8.5 X 11 paper that was antique looking. I printed the hymn on to the paper, 3 lines per sheet in landscape, thanks to Publisher and then cut them out using Pfisher scrolly scissors. Taped them together in the back and place the garland on the tree. :)
Our Tree with Christmas Hymn Garland


  1. Wow that must look awesome!!

  2. It's beautiful Jeanette! I hope there are no spiders in your tree this time, that would totally freak me out too!



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