25 November 2008

The "Wait" Shopper

When a new series first came out by Beverly Lewis, I was really thrilled and couldn't wait to get it, but I did not... and then forgot about. Yesterday while shopping I stopped in at Ollie's and there were the first three books for $4 a piece. They are usually around $11 a book. I was excited to spend $12 on 3 books instead of over $30.

I've been talking to a few friends who are "wait" shoppers and were saying that they also teach this to their children. "Wait" until it is on sale. This is a very new for me! I am excited about it and wanted to share it! It's pretty neat to buy something brand new for a third of the sale price.

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  1. how exciting for you to find those books at a fraction of the cost - wow what a treat! being a wait shopper is worth the wait!!! lol


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