14 October 2008

Gifts for Sister

The girls and I have been working on gifts for my sister's 4oth birthday party.

My oldest daughter made her a pointy kitty. Thanks to WeeWonderfuls you can make your own too, she just asks that you do not sell them. I made her a quilted pot holder, and a few crocheted dishcloths.
For her party we made a few Sunflower decorations. To make the little sunflowers we used a Martha Stewart, Cosmos Craft Punch, punching out 4 from yellow tissue paper and 1 from yellow printer paper. (I found that this type of paper looks cleaner than construction paper.) When I stapled these 5 papers together I put the printer paper sandwiched in between the tissue paper. I then cut out green circles (printer paper) for the back of the sunflower where the ribbon is, and brown (craft foam) circles for the front. I found a cute leaf punch from Target a few years ago (for $1), that seemed perfect for the sunflower leaves which were glued with a hot glue gun. Be sure to have a bowl of water next to you when you work so that when you burn your fingers you can cool them immediately.

The big sunflower below the vase of sunflowers was made by my oldest daughter and she used brown craft foam and yellow tissue paper.

My youngest daughter wanted to make something for "Anty" as well. This would be a great summer project for kids. She cut out the letters by herself. This side says, "Sun," and the other side says "flower". We used a Popsicle stick to support the stem. We covered it with green paper afterwards. We also added a ribbon to hang it from.

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