15 October 2008

Wherefore art thou, dishrag?

September 29, 2008

I've been busy doing small projects crocheting (dish) washcloths while my youngest works on her handwriting lesson. I see now that I should have blocked them before taking the picture. I figure that they aren't for sale and I wouldn't block it before I gave it away, he he.

My photographer is now getting credit for every picture she snaps or fixes. Did you notice? LOL

Above there are only 2 patterns. One is from the inside label of a cotton yarn and the other I bought at a craft store (AC Moore) on clearance. I think it is from the early 90's, it shows you how to crochet about 8 washcloths. I've tried about 4 and so far but only like the flower pattern above.

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  1. Beautiful washcloths, and I love your new blog! Nice job on the banner. ;]


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