14 October 2008


August 13, 2008
Today I received a package from my dear sister, and used many of the contents to decorate the hallway. :) The beautiful white flowers at the top are from her, as well as the neat sea shell vial. The shabby chic necklace in the center was also from her. :)Near the end of the hallway are plates on the wall (also from my sis!) which have roses hanging in front of them that were in the package I received today. They're gorgeous, with beautiful little lace flowers on the back.♥
The hanging card is one that I've received from her as well, and the pink flower was made by my youngest daughter.

♥Thanks Sis!!!! ♥

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  1. My three sisters and I have a Four Sisters Club. We send each other sweet little gifts. It is such fun to receive a package in the mail!


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