23 February 2009

A Little Letter Game

Said the Hobbit is a nice lady I "follow". If you are not familiar with blog language, first off, know it's not cult language. It just means that I put myself on a list on blogger or blogspot to get notifications when my friends post something new. With saying that, check out Said the Hobbit if you get a chance, she is a talented knitter, loves her family, and is funny.
In this game someone gives you a letter and you post 10 things that you you are thankful for. This next part is ingenious: " If you want to play just leave me a comment and I'll visit your blog and give you a letter." So many times in playing a game I'm not always comfortable tagging others. I like it when people can choose to play if they wish and do not feel any pressure.

So she popped over to my blog and gave me the letter "B".

1. BIBLE - God speaks to us through the Bible.
2. BOOKS - I've visited many lands though books. How else would we know as much as do.
3. BIRTHDAYS - What a perfect way to celebrate and give that person special attention for the day. I love family and thank God for each of them.If you step away from your computer you can see the picture a little better. My oldest daughter in the picture turned 16 last weekend.
4. BLOGGING - What a great way to record things for a person who doesn't journal.
5. BLUE JEAN - Is there anything more comfortable?
6. BAKING - I love baking and my family enjoys the fruit of my labor. :)
7. BEDS - Aslan finally puts Uncle Andrew to sleep, as it is "the only gift he is still able to receive." Before reading the Chronicles of Narnia, I had never seen sleeping as a gift, but has anyone not been able to sleep? Indeed this is a gift for me to be thankful for.
8. BLOOMS - Flowers are a gorgeous gift from God! For them I am thankful
9. BEN FRANKLIN & 10. BETSY Ross I am thankful to be an American. If I was born just about anywhere else I would not be so blessed. As a woman I have many rights that most women do now have. Much blood was shed in protecting our freedom, and I am thankful.


  1. What a fun meme! I'd love to give it a go =)

    I certainly agree with the beds being something to be thankful for, and blue jeans too!

  2. Oh how BEAUTIFULLY put.I'm so pleased you joined in. I feel I know you a little better now.A great big "thank you" for your kind words.


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