26 February 2009

Viking Ship

2nd Grade History Lesson
The lesson for me: Keep things interesting and simple. While I was looking over this lesson for history I was thinking we could make a simple Viking ship. I found one on a website from Dublin Ireland called NCTE.
Theirs looks nicer, but I decided to use what we have on hand. Usually projects like this get destroyed from play or end up under something.
For this ship we used cardstock, 2 straws, thread, modeling clay, and a scrap piece of white fabric. Other supplies used: a needle, scissors, markers, a hole-puncher and crayons.We drew our own ship instead of using the template. For the shields we used the end of a spool of thread as a template. The sail was decorated with crayons on fabric.
For the seat we used an ordinary hole-puncher, it was the perfect size for the mast. For the cross beam at the top of the mast we used another straw that was cut down the center long ways, punched a hole in the center of the straw and added it to the mast.

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