19 January 2009

Self Portrait

This project was fun for my 7 year old. I made things easy on her by pre-cutting the correct size square or rectangle for her to begin with. I did help her a little too much with this particular project. After she made the general shape I would fold the piece or double it so that both pieces or sides were symmetrical.
1. We began with the shape of the head. It was a bit of a challenge to find the correct color. Basically and oval will work because it will be covered with hair eventually.
2. Explain that the shape of real eyes look like footballs or almonds. Have a white rectangle ready for you budding artist a little bigger than the appoximate size.
3. We cut 2 circles for her irises, (I found chapstick or something similar size to trace circles).
4. We used black paper & a hole puncher for the pupils.
5. Eye lashes: Self explanitory. See below.
6. Eye brows: Remember symmetry.7. Noses are all different shape, but basically all have 3 little bumps. When the nose is cut fold it the long ways and glue only the bridge so that the nose sticks out a little like a nose. :)
8. Lips are made from 3 ovals, the 2 on top a little smaller usually.
9. Ears: Cut a circle in half, same color as the face. Most of the circle is secured behind the head. After you attach the ears trim them a little if you wish.10. Hair: Look at first picture.

This is alot of fun. It might be easier if you don't glue until the very end if you have a perfectionist at your table :)

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  1. Cute! I think I'll set everything out and let the kids work on this project tomorrow! You are so very creative!


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