01 January 2009

Squirrel Stamp

Yay! I had time to carve my first stamp on rubber! I cut lil too much on his front leg, but it still looks like a squirrel. If you are interested in making a stamp, visit Craft Pudding.
My daughter made a stamp out of a scrap, literally! It was 1/4" x 3/4". Hers turned out beautiful! I can't imagine what she will do with a regular piece of rubber :) Klazane's stamp is here.


  1. I thank you for visiting my blog. Hearing from someone for the first time is always a pleasant surprise. Your stamp is very detailed. You must practice patients.

  2. That is definitely a squirrel! How fun. Love the little birdy too.

  3. Lovely stamp ~ I didn't know one could carve their own stamps! I'll have to add that to a list of craftiness I eventually want to try! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome again. :)


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