20 December 2008

Clothespin Dolls

My 7 year old and I made these Brownie Girls Scouts for her troop last night. I had her help me paint and to cut out the skirts. The pattern for the skirt and arms is from a Martha Stewart show a few years ago. If that link does not work, you may be able to visit her website and search "clothespin dolls".
The faces and bodies were painted first with acrylic paints. When dry we added the arms and clothing with a hot glue gun, but something like Twice As Tacky would probably work fine too. I plan on adding a little round beanie hat and a eye hook on top for hanging on a tree.


  1. So cute! Looks like you had fun! : )

  2. Those are so cute...I wonder if they have a pattern to make nativity figures from the clothespins.

  3. The entire troop is adorable. What a fun gift! and fun to do together.

  4. The girl scout clothspin dolls are outstanding.
    You are making wonderful memories with your daughter. Noelle

  5. Dear J'nette,

    After your wonderful, thoughtful comment on my post entitled, "the way it is" I thought I'd take the liberty of looking a bit into your archives in order to give you an honest response and I have to say that, no, to me your blog does not portray you as the perfect wanna be mom but as a woman who loves to share what she is doing, love's to help out others with little tidbits of advice and as someone who enjoys spending time with her children. I know you don't blog about your faith much but who you are in Christ does shine through in many of your posts and I really enjoy reading your blog, as well, and thank you deeply for always taking the time to leave a comment on mine.



Thank you for your comments <3


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