11 December 2008


For a few months I have been browsing things on Etsy. That is how I found Craft Pudding. A few days ago she posted how to make a stamp. There you will find alot of resources. I was curious how easy it was to make a stamp, so, I found an eraser and voila. It's a lil crude, goes to show it too, I only spent about 10 minutes on sunny. Afterwards I began reading more on how to do it. I like all the tutorials but in the end favored Kirberts because he went into a lil more depth. His webpage on rubber stamping is not cutesy but extremely informative.

After making my sun and reading Kirbert's page I see that, I will need smaller tools and rubber to make something worth gifting. All the tutorials pretty much do not suggest having children under 12 do this. I can see that it would be frustrating because you cannot "go back" once you cut too much. The knives/tools are very sharp and pose a danger to lil hands. A way to get your lil one involved if they do wish to do something, you can have them draw a picture of their favorite stuffy or toy; then you can make it into a stamp for them.

I've brought out my premade stamps and my youngest, Lizzy is having a lot of fun stamping her papers after she completes them for school. It has provided an incentive to do neat work :)


Thank you for your comments <3


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