14 March 2009

Curtain Rod Deal

Two weeks ago I ordered a new curtain rod for our front window. After almost 10 years of working with those silly $10 curtain rods, I decided to get something attractive. This window is a headache because it is big (105") and on the right side there is a pipe for the steam heat that leads upstairs. I found a heavy duty curtain rod (pole) at JC Penney. Originally it was $105 and it's now marked down to $35. I wanted to keep the total cost down, but was having trouble finding the special rings or clips that are heavy enough for drapes. Seven rings for $22 is not a bargan when you need 30 rings. ($110 yikes!) So what do I do?
As you can see I came up with something that didn't cost me a cent. From the back each pleat I took my heavy duty upholstery needle and added 7" or 8" of navy blue 1/8" grosgrain ribbon that is tied in back. When it's time to wash the drapes, the attached ribbon should do well, but I may add fray check to the ends of the ribbon to be sure.


  1. What a wonderful idea! And so pretty and simple, too! Isn't it wonderful to think up ways to save money and end up with something so attractive! :o)

    BTW... it took me over two years from start to finish on that quilt... it was fun but I'm so glad it's finally done!

  2. Very smart and frugal.Necessity is the mother of invention,around of applause is heard in the distance.

  3. Very resourceful. Your curtain looks great.

  4. Jnette,
    Stop by my blog tomorrow, I have something special for you!


Thank you for your comments <3


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