11 March 2009

Red Tail Hawk and Babies

I thought I'd share this exciting find. There is a red tailed hawk that has nested in a window at the Franklin Institute. We've been watching it for about a week and then Monday (9th) the female laid an egg. The hawk can lay an egg every day or every other day for a few weeks.

Here is the link. I had a neat video box on here, but for some it may take forever to load because it is live :)


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  1. How fortunate to be able to follow this story.Once a year I go to N.Y.city for a food show. It is there that we follow the adventures of Pale Male, his mate and family.It facinates us to watch how they have adapted to city life.We have been observing for 4 years.It is interesting that red-tails have chosen major cities to start a family.


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