02 March 2009

Snow Day! Yay!

The birds seem happy to have full bellies. Their coats are fluffed up from it being so cold:)
We only have about 2 inches right now but it is still snowing. I love it, it is so quiet outside :)

Even though I look forward to spring, I love it when it snows and today is my husbands first night off of work, and so no one has to drive in the snow. Those shovels will be put to work soon after we finish up with school.


  1. Very pretty.

    I'm so ready for Spring.


  2. Look at those birdies.
    I love the quiet of the falling snow. There's something magical there.

  3. I have to laugh because everyone is posting about the snow they are getting on their blogs, and today is the first nice non dreary drizzly grey day that we've had in AGES! Enjoy the quiet =)


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