13 March 2009

Easy Blown Easter Eggs

Klazane explains how she hung these little treasures here. The Adventures of Mub posted about an adorable project she is working on for Easter. This has inspired me to begin working on gifts for Easter this year. Last year was our first year to make blown eggs. I have not ever tried it before because it looked too hard.
With a little coaxing begging from my kids we gave it a try. We were all thrilled that it worked and we had made alot of them.
This is how easy it is:
1. Wash all eggs with cool or warm water. You will have your mouth on the egg shell.
2. Dry
3. Poke both ends of an egg several times with a sharp sewing needle. One hole needs to be larger than the other. The smaller hole size only needs to be big enough to blow in. The bottom hole should be about 1/8" to 3/16" big because it needs to be big enough to allow the yolk out without cracking your egg. (Hint: It worked easier if we poked a circle of holes less than 1/8" apart). If you break the yolk it should come out easier :)
4. Blow your eggs into containers (like Gladware) so that you can use them. If they sit for a while egg shell pieces usually will settle to the bottom of the container.
5. Now you can wash your eggs with a little soapy water, but I think we just rinsed them off and let them air dry.
6. Decorate as usual. You may have to shake out dye that gets into your eggs.
7. When your creations are finished add ribbon for hanging.

Well, I'll be making everyone eggs for breakfast for a few weeks so that we have enough to make plenty of gifts.

Note:If you search tutorials for this you may see that they recommend you blow out the eggs after you decorate them. I think they recommend this because an empty egg does not sit in the dyed water, it floats. I didn't want to risk blowing out a masterpiece only to have it break in the process, so we blew out our eggs before hand. Hollow eggs are alot more fragile than hard boiled.

We used a white crayon and dye you get from the store to create most of these.


  1. These are so cool! I really like the blue one with the flowers in the middle. I was thinking of blowing some eggs and putting them on my tree, but they're a bit large so I think I need to hunt down some slightly smaller bird eggs or just use little wooden ones.

  2. I have never tried that before. Wow, so easy. Thanks for sharing a great gift idea!

  3. Those are beautiful! You make it sound so easy!

  4. Nice job! Shells that don't past the mustard in our home are used as seed starters.Love this project.


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