20 February 2011

Cherry Crumb Pie

LoL Well the picture turned out way worse than the pie actually did. This wasn't from scratch. It was my oldest daughters birthday cake. She has asked for cherry pie instead of cake for a few years. I finally did it for her. I had other goodies for our non cherry pie lovers. 

It was always within our means to make cherry pie instead of cake yet I thought it wasn't a good thing to serve b/c it didn't fit into what I thought was expected of others. It was good to do this small thing, it really make her happy. 

Your friend,
The Still Learning Parent

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  1. This last summer I went to a wonderful wedding that served homemade pies instead of wedding cake. Cake is a lovely creation...but blackberries, cherries, blueberries and peaches...oh how lovely they can be in a pie. One year long ago a little daughter, wanted brocolli stems with butter for her birthday dinner. She was in a kindergarten class, though later home schooled. Her teacher asked me, as if it was my idea, is that really what you gave her for her birthday? "Just as requested..." I smiled.


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