16 February 2011


For Valentines my Valentine gave me very pretty roses. We visited my mother in law as well which is always fun.

 Also that day a dear friend, Terri, send me a surprise after reading this.
Gorgeous unscented soap!

Berry Sunset Soap (Smell delicious)!
I didn't blog for a few months and didn't even realize she and her family had started a soap business. Please
visit Nubian's Delight when you have a chance. I have started using the Pure and Simple, it is beautiful. It doesn't dry my hands and it is really unscented. I can't tell you how many unscented things are really scented.

If you enjoy blogs, you will love to visit Terri at Our Crazy Farm too. She is a great encouragement to me. Thank you Terri for the soaps <3 They are lovely!

Today is my oldest 18th Birthday. I feel like she's turned 18 already because we have been helping her prepare for college, lots of forms and applications. Happiest Birthday dear Cayla!

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  1. So glad you like the soap Jeannette! It was fun to surprise you:)) Happy Belated Birthday Cayla! Grace loved the Valentines picture~ what a talented young lady!


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