08 February 2011

Real Tacos

Remembering my garden, I came across a picture of one of our dinners. Simply tacos.... maybe not "real" it was not from scratch, but it had garden tomatoes in it, yum. I have been hungry for a real tomato and also have been trying to push healthier snacks on my family. We grew yellow, pink, and red tomatoes. Every meal looked delicious with them in it!

Roma Tomato
Cherry Yellow Tomato
Yellow Cherry Tomato
German Pink Tomato

The roma tomatoes keep coming back every year. I do not have to buy them. Last year was my first year buying yellow and I do hope the cherry yellow comes back, otherwise I will be looking for them at Home Depot again.
The German Pink I received from a friend. I can't say enough how nice it was to receive that tomato plant. If I have extra I will do the same for her and other garden friends.

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  1. Those tomatoes were delicious; I can't wait for next year's garden. :)


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